PHILIP POCOCK documentary datatectures || Media INSTALLATION Index

1988 - 2005

The works here are collaborative by nature and, therefore, in the nature of their production. I do not subscribe much to 'death of the author' scenarios. Collabation is invigorating if acknowledged and in the end unavoidable to conceal. I do surprise myself with spaces in between, in between cultural producers, multiple receptions, and active open construction of knowledge and beauty. Conspirators are co-inspirators. Working with networks as I do, or with interviews and rock bands intermittently, form subjects, objects and trajectories behind the links at right. This represents my output, or as Ali might have quipped, that of MeWe! It is a resonant aesthetic thought to instigate, uncover and build on correspondence between what must go on behind the screen and may behind the scene - intertwining, unlocking, provisional relations which when it works turns any medium into sculpture, architecture, and when information is a main material datatecture - a hybrid of data and dwelling.

h|u|m|b|o|t , PHILIP POCOCK w. D Burckhardt, R Cabot, E Carmagnani, A Dirosa, Gruppo A12, U Noll, W Staehle, G Stehle, F Wenz, net_condition exhibition, ZKM, 1999.