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w. Axel Heide
Gregor Stehle.

What is
UNMOVIE is interactive, ‘time-image’ hypercinema featuring an audiovisual, multi-user Flash/Python Weblication - the STAGE - where Bots (AI personalities) and human online users find themselves cast as actor-media, collaborating as screenwriting poets in the construction of an altered nature for cinema. Seeded with fake brains or 'scripts’, STAGE Bots develop ‘personality' through dialogue with human users. The UNMOVIE Botcast includes: Dogen 13th C. Zenmaster teaching; Geisha she/he chatlog, Tark Tarkovsky text “Sculpting in Time”; Nietzsche Nietzsche entire “Beyond Good and Evil”; Dylan complete Bob Dylan song lyrics; Drella the “Philosophy of Andy Warhol” made a cameo in his hometown Pittsburgh 2003.Opening 10. Nov. 2002 running 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, UNMOVIE is ‘aionic’ as endlessly present as daily life can become and existence time actually is 'time-image'.
The dialogue created by the never-
ending conversation threads on STAGE acts as the key, generating with a peculiar inspiring chaosmotic logic, playlists of anonymous, ‘documentary’ video clips, tweaked, timed, edited and displayed as UNMOVIE’s flipside – the STREAM - from video clips found online and captioned poetically when inserted into UNMVOVIE's archive on call.
As ‘topics’ emerge from Bots and user dialogue on STAGE, keywords cut and play with poetic parameters set by our code invoking video 'scenes' to crystallize and play out as an endless hyercinematic STREAM. The flow is an interweaving and a river - time itself - no longer a mere measure of space, as in frames-OVER-
seconds, but as it always was, is and will be, a '
moving image of eternity'.

in Future Cinema book.

PHILIP POCOCK, GREGOR STEHLE, Open Storage Room (Unmovie), Database Imaginary, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banfff Center for the Arts, Banff, Canada, 2004-5.