PHILIP POCOCK documentary datatectures PHILIP POCOCK / FELIX STEPHAN HUBER || BLACK SEA DIARY Index | Gallery STORM Amsterdam 1993

Black Sea Diary installation view in Amsterdam's Newmarket area gallery STORM curated by Peter Bauhof. Left is a tape of Philip Pocock reading excerpty from the collaborative diary interspliced with sounds and songs playing in watering holes, restaurants, hotel lobbies and the car radio while underway toward the Black Sea on the occasion of the Venice Biannual Electronic project 1993. In 3 'time lines' on the wall at left are FAXes of images sent over telephone lines made with early digital cameras processed and sent over laptop with a modem. Very iffy, and as much a record of distance in virtual space as in geomeasured terrain. Large photo works based on the FAXes are pinned and taped to the walls (End wall, Right walls). From the back video room, peaking out, is a videotape of a slow dissolving time-image of every digital photo ever taken for Black Sea Diary arranged chronically by the Swiss and Canadian Huber and Pocock.