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Black Sea Diary 1993
Philip Pocock
Felix S. Huber

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1067 Digital Photos, Time 1:28:55.

Black Sea Diary book [PDF]

Storm Gallery Amsterdam

BLACK SEA DIARY is a Fax Modem, Digital Image and Text Project taking Felix S. Huber and Philip Pocock East from Cologne over Germany, Austria, Hungary, to Romania and along the Serbian border to the Black Sea. Made for the Venice Biannual in 1993, while the artists traveled in a 1964 Opel Kadette, their digital images and journal entries traveled the other way, West to Venice and Duesseldorf, over the roadside telephone wires.
A book was published by Patrick Frey and Scalo Verlag, a facsimile of facsimiles sent to the Biannual of Venice.

Instantaneity is the boy who cries wolf.
Urgency is the wolf.
Philip Pocock / FS Huber, Black Sea Diary book cover 1993

PHILIP POCOCK, Timelines, Tourist Bubbles, Transmission Errors prologue, Black Sea Diary, 1993.