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The Orbitants 2005-06-

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Art Presse 'Orbitant Issue'


What we see doing looks and feels nothing like This here. Send Art into space? Not at all. Exhibit Art in Space? No. par-abolic flying – weightlessness – No! No going up there to disappear. We like It down here and anyway we are sort of already gone. Surveilling Earth with a camera is just too military looking.

We intend to: PICTURE DATA FROM SPACE SOME SPACE. Use Orbit as the raw material for Sculpture. Digitally and architecturally polemicize the emergence of Orbitization with sensory data received by our Ground installation on handies on Earth where ever.
The Orbitants.


galileo gotchiGalileo Galilei of Padua disproved geocentricity with a Spyglass. The Spyglass and its progeny are immobilizing planet Earth at the center of a new Geocentric Model – the center of a swarming militant media cosmos of orbiting control. Mediacentricity equals the 'Orbi' of the world. Orbi in Latin may be interpreted as representing a world as one - a globe. The process now wrapping up - Globalization. What then? Orbitization...

According to U.S. Air Force Secretary Pete Teets at the Space Warfare Symposium 2004: “Space is the Ultimate high Ground. We haven’t reached the point of strafing and bombing from SPACE. Nonetheless we are thinking about those Possibilities.

Orbitization is either a twisted Zone of Power or Influence or The Center has left the Circle.

Outside of this gravitational pull which keeps Bodies in orbit, all the atoms of meaning lose themselves or self-absorb in space. Our true artificial satellites are the Global Debt, the flows of Capital and the nuclear loads that circle around the Earth in an Orbital Dance. Debt circulates on its own orbit, with its own trajectory made up of capital which from now on is free of any economic contingency and moves about in a parallel universe. It is not even an orbital universe. It is rather ex-orbital, ex-centered. The only way to avoid this is to place ourselves straightaway on an Alternative temporal orbit, to take an elliptic shortcut and go beyond the end by not allowing it time to take place.” (The Pataphysicistm, J.B.)

Pictures are better on radio.
January 31st, 2006 by orbitart

Sound is an instrument through which temporal frequency patterns [i.e. patterns in time, such as the number of cycles per second] can become formal spatial and geometric patterns.

socle du monde manzoni homage a galileo 1961

Base of the World. Piero Manzoni. Homage a Galileo 1961 Denmark.

particle in suspension pattern of movement

Particles floating in a solution when they are vibrated by sound waves; the particles mysteriously assemble themselves into geometric shapes.

orbit is a fundamental measure of space, the forgotten millimeter sculpture in space. orbit stores and transmits data - replicating, mutating, adapting information. orbit is frequency. the orbit may have left its center as �the point�, resembling a loose elastic rubber band gear turning and churning. orbit is the raw material of space.

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Transcribed handwritten text from The Orbitants (Art Presse reworked) 2005.